Brouw·e·rij (de; v; meervoud: brouwerijen) werkplaats, fabriek waar bier gebrouwen wordt. In Dutch ‘brouwerij’ means ‘brewery’; a place or factory where for example beer is being brewed.

We like to think the process of brewing is just as applicable to making film as to other products. We take several ingredients; ideas, stories, events, personalities, visions and create a new product, a film.

At ‘De Filmbrouwerij’ we believe that film is the strongest medium to convey the beauty of things in life. Visually strong images can tell the story of something or someone in an engaging way, whether it’s the story of craftsmanship, a fictional character or an event.

That’s what our main goal is: tell stories people want to hear, through productions with cinematic value. When you have an interesting story, we would like to attack it with a creative approach, and together we can brew a film people want to see.  


Brouw·er (de; m,v; meervoud: brouwers) iemand die iets brouwt. In Dutch ‘brouwer’ means a ‘brewer’; somebody who brews something.

The Filmbrouwerij was founded by two friends Sanne Croonenberg and Pim Sollie. We met during the study Media & Culture and discovered a mutual passion for film and visual culture. After becoming close friends, finishing school and filming serveral projects together, we decided to start our own little ‘brewery’ to create our own films, promos and other visual products.

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‘Brouw·sel (het; o; meervoud: brouwsels) iets dat gebrouwen is’. In Dutch ‘brouwsel’ means as much as ‘brewage’; or a product made of brewing. We like to refer to our products in this way.

For an detailed overview of our ‘brouwsels’ and clients: go!


Got ideas? Inspiration? Or just want to go get some coffee and brainstorm for a little bit? We would love to get to know you and are always open to new ideas and partnerships.

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