Brouw·er (de; m,v; meervoud: brouwers) iemand die iets brouwt. In Dutch ‘brouwer’ means a ‘brewer’; somebody who brews something. Here a short story on our two brewers.

Sanne Croonenberg
29 | Amsterdam |

As content creative I get real happy creating visually stunning images, you know those that make you stop and dream a little. I am obsessed with visual culture, craftmanship, (analog) photography and filmmaking. Always finding a way to include visual beauty in my daily life.

So what’s my main focus? Well, I have many goals in life, but they all seem to include creating. For example I want to create a soft and dreamy universe with my analog photography. I adore creating commercial content which is just a little different than all the rest. And one day I am gonna direct my own documentary, which will be an ode to Amsterdam and its beautiful rhythm.

But most of all my heart skips a beat while watching stunningly designed films and set decors. They sometimes call production designers ‘Architects of Illusion’ which I believe to be a spot on description of the work they do. So yeah, when I grow up I want to be a so called ‘Architect of Illusion’. My ultimate dream would be to design a stunning production such as; Moonrise Kingdom, The Favourite, La Belle Époque, The Shape of Water, just to name a few.

Pim Sollie
25 | Amsterdam |

For as long as I can remember, I’m intrigued by films and the way they are made. As a little boy I would watch the ‘making of’ features on a DVD more often than the film itself. Filmmaking, for me, is a unique art form because it combines craftsmanship and artistry in one product. That’s why I’ve always known that I wanted to be a filmmaker and every step I’ve made since then was in the direction of this goal. After high school I enrolled in a pre-education where I learned the basic practical aspects of making a film, from writing, to shooting, to editing. After this I decided to enlarge my theoretical knowledge on the medium and went to study ‘Media & Culture’ at the University of Amsterdam. Since then I’ve had the luck to work with students on small projects, but also set foot in the Dutch movie industry through an internship, and later freelance work.

The most important thing for me, in any film product, is the character or subject. When you don’t have an interesting person, activity or topic, there’s no reason to make the film. The story develops from this key point and every aspect of the film derives from this. Consequently, every film should have a different feel and look, but every good film product should have something in common: the images must tell the story. Visually strong images contain more story than words, when done right. For me that’s where the challenge of film making lies, and what makes film such a unique medium. The images are the driving force, and are supported by sound and all the other aspects in a balanced way. That’s why I think, when done right, you can make a film about anything. So when life gives you lemons, make a movie about lemons.